Drip Campaigns: The Most Effective Way To Generate Homebuyers

September 5th, 2019 

Are you always looking for better ways to get more leads and increase the amount of loans closed per month? Most loan officers are.  The truth is that realtor referrals just aren’t cutting it anymore, mainly because the average homebuyer is living online. Drip campaigns can be a useful lead generation tactic to increase a loan officer’s traffic and close more mortgages on a monthly basis. Drip campaigns are a marketing strategy that allows you to better connect a potential homebuyer and the loan officer, minus all the work. 

What is a drip campaign?

A drip campaign is a series of automated messages sent out through text, voicemail, or email. The automated messages can be sent out at specific predetermined times. The automated messages are typically customized so that the loan officer can make it seem like they are actually calling or texting the homebuyer. At this point, it’s much more personal and can establish a relationship with the borrower.  Once the potential homebuyer replies to the drip campaign, the automation is turned off, and the loan officer handles the rest of the communication. In other words, the lead is already warmed up before a loan officer even has to touch it.  To follow compliance guidelines, the potential homebuyer has to have the option to opt out at any time. For example, if the drip campaign sends out a message that says, “Are you ready to buy a home in the next 1-2 months?”, the potential homebuyer can reply “no” and the drip campaign will halt.  With emails in particular, there is usually an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom, which many of us have seen before.   Drip campaigns have the potential to create more loan closings, but with less follow up involved.

Why should you be using them?

Drip campaigns can help you convert potential homebuyers from cold leads into warm leads without having any contact. These campaigns allow for the communication between a loan officer and a potential homebuyer to be more organized. The loan officer does not have to waste time sending messages, picking up the phone, or drafting emails.  This can work for existing contacts, but can also be helpful in generating more leads.  They have the ability to be paired with paid advertising which in turn will collect contact information, and will be placed into your own drip.  When a potential homebuyer receives a message almost immediately after proving their information, it makes the selected LO appear to be on top of their work, and ready to provide assistance. This gives the borrower a great, helpful experience from the very beginning of their journey.  Therefore, in today’s market, drip campaigns are now the most effective way to generate and close more loans. 

WebMax has designed a lead generation platform specifically for mortgage companies. It is based solely on Facebook advertising and automated drip campaigns.  For more information, contact us at 8567026412.